I was born in Fairfax, Virginia, in 2001.  I grew up surrounded by music.  At an early age I attended my first concert at Wolftrap, and instantly fell in love with the experience.

I attended Linton Hall School in Bristow, Virginia, from kindergarten through eighth grade, where the choir was a central focus.  In second grade I able to join the choir and discovered my passion for music.  Also, during my years at Linton Hall, I took piano lessons and began to teach myself guitar.  By eighth grade I was the student accompanist and had participated in countless choir-based events and school productions.

In February, 2016, I auditioned for and was accepted to Charles J Colgan Sr. High School, Center for Fine and Performing Arts(CFPA) as part of the choral program.  During my freshman year I was invited to participate in an Open Mic Night at a local coffee shop.  While I was incredibly nervous, I really enjoyed playing music to a live audience.  By my sophomore year I had begun playing regularly and was beginning to experiment with my own sound.  

Over the last two years, thanks to friends and fellow musicians, I have been able to perform at larger venues and some music festivals, and even sit in with a few of my favorite bands.  All these great experiences have made it possible for me to begin writing songs that reflect my own thoughts and style.

Moving forward, I hope to continue challenging myself to find new ways to keep music the thing we all can rely on to filter out anything that doesn't keep us smiling.